The finish is guaranteed for a period of 5 years. The guarantee covers anything workmanship
and product related like peeling, blistering and crazing. Chips, scratches, rust, damage from tub
surrounds, shower doors, drain replacement and bathmats are not covered.
Guarantee is prorated at 10% per year of the original cost after 24 months.
If any problem should ever occur it is the customers responsibility to notify Bathtub Refinished
within 48 hours.
Please take care of your refinished bathtub, neglect will destroy brand new porcelain as well as our hard work. Here are some tips on how to keep your refinished bathtub clean and in good shape.

Care and Maintenance
Surface should be cleaned in the same manner as new porcelain finish.
Recommended cleaners: Lysol Basin Tub and Tile, Gel Gloss, Clorox Cleanup and Bon Ami.
Rubbing alcohol is recommended to remove soap scum.

Do not Use
Any abrasive products to clean your refinished bathtub.
Drano or any similar products, they destroy porcelain and will likely destroy your refinished tub.
Any sticker or suction cup bathmats.