How long does it take to refinish a bathtub?
Depending on the condition of a bathtub. Most tubs can be refinished in 4 to 8 hours
and can be used 24 hours after the work has been completed.

Another company told me that my tub will be ready to use the same day why should I consider your services?
They must be using the 4 hour cure topcoat. Yes, it is more convenient both for them and the customer.
However, we choose to use the 24 hour cure topcoat because it enables better results.
At Bathtub Refinished quality and durability comes before convenience.

Will my newly refinished bathtub be easy to scratch or chip?
A refinished bathtub resembles fiberglass/acrylic bathtubs when it comes to durability and scratch resistance.

Does a refinished bathtub look painted?
No, a properly refinished bathtub should be hard to tell from a brand new one.

I have heard of a company that refinish bathtubs with porcelain do you also do that?
There is no such thing as on location refinishing with porcelain.
We have heard of refinishers claiming to use synthetic porcelain as we know synthetic means artificial.

So what kind of product do you use to refinish porcelain?
Bathtub Refinished uses Acrylic Urethane Resin Coating that was developed specially for refinishing
bathtubs and ceramic tile. Please visit to learn more about products we use.

How much do you charge to refinish a bathtub?
That depends on the condition of your tub. Estimates are free.
Please call us at (773) 690-3257

My bathtub is badly chipped/damaged/worn can it still be refinished and look like new?
Yes it can, we fill in the chips and smooth the rough areas before applying the topcoat.